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Toddler Sleep

Toddler Sleep
November 13, 2015 yourvillage

Toddler Sleep
If you find your evening and/or nights are no longer your own, this workshop is for you! Whether your toddler has been a good sleeper in the past or not, this workshop will cover dealing with general bedtime and nighttime issues as well as unique issues to toddlers, such as nightmares, night terrors, changing to a toddler bed and more. Full Class Time: 31min 
Module 1 Overview
An introduction to sleep for toddlers and beyond, included sleep needs, the toddler sleep cycle and the difference between a sleep issue and a sleep problem
Unit 1 Sleep Needs by Age
Unit 2 Toddler Sleep Cycle
Unit 3 Sleep Associations
Unit 4 Sleep Issue vs. Sleep Problem
Module 2 Bedtime
Learn about setting up good solid bedtime guidelines and routines for healthy sleep habits, as well as several bedtime methods to deal with kids getting out of bed.
Unit 1 Bedtime Guidelines & Routines
Unit 2 Bedtime Methods
Module 3 Naptime
Learn about napping schedules, when kids start to drop morning naps or naps altogether, as well as ways to deal with issues around napping.
Unit 1 Naptime
Module 4 Common Sleep Issues & Answers
Learn about ways to handle common issues around toddler sleep such as getting out of bed, bedtime procrastination, night terrors and nightmares and more.
Unit 1 Getting Out of Bed
Unit 2 Procrastinating at Bedtime
Unit 3 Night Terrors & Nightmares
Unit 4 Early Riser
Unit 5 Sleep Walking / Talking
Unit 6 Teeth Grinding & Snoring
Module 5 Summary
Summary of the important information covered in the toddler sleep class
Unit 1 Toddler Sleep Summary