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15 Easy & Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

15 Easy & Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids
February 4, 2016 Ashley

15 Easy & Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

For more healthy eating tips, listen to our podcast episode Healthy Eating & Picky Eaters.

Getting kids to eat healthy and ENJOY healthy food is a common struggle for modern families. Parents work so hard to get healthy, well-balanced meals on the table only to have their children turn up their noses time and time again. Why does this happen? Well, one of the reasons is that one of the biggest mistakes I see parents make is they work so hard on healthy meals but then the snacks are less than stellar, even though they might be veggies straws or veggie chips, it’s not even close to the same thing as serving fresh fruits and vegetables. So kids barely nibble on their lunch or dinner, knowing full-well that in an hour they can complain about how hungry they are and fill up on these more processed snacky foods. So in order to circumvent this, it’s important to keep snacks just as healthy, if not even moreso, than meals.  For some great ideas on ways to create healthy, well-balanced, EASY and fun snacks for kids, we have created this chart with 15 healthy snack ideas for kids that you can mix and match columns to maximize exposure to fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and customize for your family.
easy ways to get kids to eat healthyeasy ways to get kids to eat healthy

One of the easiest ways to get kids interested is to make the food fun, like the race cars “with dirt” in the picture. My kids are pretty good fruit eaters but the day we did this, they had THE best time with this, and then making their own creations like General Grevious and light sabers and ended up eating SO much fruit at that snack time (especially my littlest fruit bat, Chandler!)

Click here for our free printable version of all 15 healthy snack ideas with ingredients.


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Healthy snack ideas for kids