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  • A Shoutout to Single Parents

    Single and divorced parents get a lot of flack from society as a whole. There is so much information spouted about the benefits of a two-parent household. I’ll admit that I do have a class on parenting as a couple that just came out later last year but not one for single parents. So that’s something I will do to

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  • Tips for Lasting Change

    I’m constantly working on self-improvement. Who do I want to be next month, next year, in 5 or 10 years? How am I going to get there? So I’ve had a lot of practice! In these days of contemplating change, whether it’s around parenting or anything else, what we want to change and just as importantly, how we are going

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  • Toddler Parenting Classes

    Toddler Parenting Classes Toddlerhood can be a very trying time for parents as their small child is rapidly developing in all areas. At the same time they are also experiencing a push for independence. But with limited skills that don’t always allow them to do everything they would like to on their own. This can be a big source of

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  • What are Parenting Classes?

    What are Parenting Classes? Child and human development is both fascinating and complicated. Roll that together with the psychology of different personalities and parenting, raising a human from mostly helpless infant to a happy, productive, self-aware, successful young adult, is a monumental task! Most people’s introduction to parenting classes begins while the baby/babies is/are still in utero. Many hospitals offer

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  • Top Tips for a Fantastic Family Summer Pt. I

    Top Tips for a Fantastic Family Summer If you prefer listening over reading: Summer break is a great time for so many things! It’s fun in the beginning when it’s all new and depending on your situation, you don’t have to rush mornings, you don’t have to worry about homework or projects. It does tend to be a less stressful

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  • Raising Responsible & Independent Kids Part II

    Raising Responsible and Independent Kids Part II If you prefer listening over reading: In part I, I shared the history of parenting and how different parenting styles lead to different outcomes. I shared that in order to raise independent responsible kids that we need to adhere to a parenting style that affords our kids opportunities to grow into strong human

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  • Setting Boundaries that Stick

    Setting Boundaries that Stick If you prefer listening over reading: This entry is dedicated to all the single parents out there, who I admire beyond what I can possibly share. I am extremely lucky, not just to have a partner but one who pitches in, a lot. But parents end up single parents for so many reasons and life never

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  • Raising Responsible & Independent Kids Part I

    Raising Responsible and Independent Kids Part I If you prefer listening over reading: It seems like a big topic for discussion these days is kids being unprepared to be adults. 30% of college kids can’t even boil an egg. 52% can’t change a tire. OK so I still don’t know how to change a tire, unless it’s on my bike.

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  • Tips for Motivating Kids’ Behavior & Teaching Social Skills

    Tips for Motivating Behavior & Teaching Social Skills If you prefer listening over reading: I got several questions while I was on hiatus, recovering from my surgery. I answered 2 of them in the latest episode. Question #1: Tara asks, “My son, who just turned 5, doesn’t want to do anything by himself. Well, I shouldn’t say anything, he gets

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  • Raising Healthy Eaters

    9 Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters If you prefer listening over reading: March is national nutrition awareness month, so today I am going to cover some tips on nutrition and raising healthy eaters. It’s a tough world out there these days when it seems like there is junk everywhere and every time I turn around my kids have some candy

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