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1-2-3 Magic

1-2-3 Magic
December 9, 2015 yourvillage

1-2-3 Magic
Learn the steps of one of this discipline tool, that is perfect for setting boundaries and following through with toddlers 1-3 years. When used properly, even very little ones will be complying with requests regularly. Full Class Time: 14min 
Module 1 Overview
An overview to the 1-2-3 Magic tool, including why it is such a great tool to use with really little kids.
Unit 1 1-2-3 Magic Introduction
Module 2 Age Guidelines
While 1-2-3 magic is great for really young kids, it's not the best tool as kids age. Learn by what age you want to phase it out, why and how.
Unit 1 Age Guidelines
Module 3 Steps
Learn the steps to implementing this tool properly and effectively.
Unit 1 Examples to Stop Behavior
Unit 2 Examples to Start Behavior
Module 4 Pitfalls
There are many common pitfalls when using this technique that render it ineffective. But when you know what they are, they are easy to avoid.
Unit 1 Pitfalls
Module 5 Little Genius Tactics
Kids are VERY smart! They quickly come up with ways to skirt our efforts at setting boundaries. Learn the common ones kids try with 1-2-3 magic and how to nip them in the bud.
Unit 1 Little Genius Tactics
Module 6 Summary
Summary of the important points covered in this class.
Unit 1 1-2-3 Magic Summary