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November 6, 2015 yourvillage

Bullying affects everyone, not just the kids being bullied. It affects kids on deep levels including rates of success in school, careers, relationships and life, in addition to the school and learning environment as a whole. If you are concerned that your child may be experiencing, seeing or partaking in bullying, or you just want to know more about the problem and ways to prevent or fix it, this workshop is chalk full of information including what parents as well as schools can do to create a safe learning environment for everyone. Full Class Time: 42min 
Module 1 Introduction
An introduction to the bullying problem, including how to distinguish between bullying and normal conflict, definitions, statistics and the effects of bullying on all sides.
Unit 1 Age Appropriate Conflict
Unit 2 Definitions and Types of Bullying
Unit 3 Statistics
Unit 4 Effects of Bullying
Module 2 Dynamics of Bullying
Dynamics are the different roles in bullying and the most common times/places it occurs.
Unit 1 Social Dynamics
Unit 2 Where/When Bullying Happens
Module 3 Prevention & Dealing with Bullying
The best way to deal with bullying is to prevent it from ever happening. This class covers the many ways to work this angle. But when bullying does occur, whether your child is a perpetrator, a victim or a witness, you can learn how to help your child tackle this problem.
Unit 1 Overall Prevention
Unit 2 Preventing Aggressive Behavior (bully)
Unit 3 Dealing with Aggressor After it Has Happened
Unit 4 Preventing a Child from Becoming a Victim
Unit 5 Dealing with Victim After
Unit 6 Bystander Strategies
Module 4 Decreasing Bullying at School
Learn about the ideas and programs your child's school can implement to reduce bullying at school, as well as how to handle the issue when it occurs, along with ways parents can support schools in reducing bullying and creating a culture of kindness and acceptance.
Unit 1 What Schools Can Do
Unit 2 What Parents Can Do to Support Schools/Teachers
Module 5 Summary
Summary of the important points covered in the bullying class
Unit 1 Bullying Summary