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Choosing a Preschool

Choosing a Preschool
August 11, 2016 yourvillage

Choosing a Preschool
Finding a preschool that is the right fit for your child and family can feel like an overwhelming task. This class will have you feeling confident and comfortable in taking this task on! In this class Erin covers, the different teaching philosophies in early childhood education from Montessori to Reggio and more, including the one type of preschool that all child development experts advise parents to steer clear. Also covered, what to look for and questions to ask when you tour a preschool and even what to consider when viewing their website or other marketing materials, before you even step foot on campus, to see if the school is worth your time to visit. Full Class Time: 31min 
Module 1 Introduction
An introduction to preschool, the benefits and ways to do preschool skills enrichment at home
Unit 1 Intro to Preschool Search
Unit 2 Enrichment at Home
Module 2 Early Childhood Education Teaching Philosophies
There are many different approaches to early childhood education. What do they mean and what are the differences? Learn about them in this section so you can decide which sounds like the best fit for your child and your own family values.
Unit 1 Co-op
Unit 2 Montessori
Unit 3 Reggio
Unit 4 Waldorf
Unit 5 High Scope
Unit 6 Mixed
Unit 7 Bilingual/Language Immersion
Unit 8 Academic
Module 3 Choosing a Preschool
In this section, Erin covers things to look for and warning signs to watch out for during a tour, plus a list of questions, available in a handout, that you may want to ask.
Unit 1 What to Look For
Unit 2 Questions to Ask
Module 4 Summary
This section covers a summary of the important information that was covered, along with the related classes that you may find of interest for more in depth information on related topics.
Unit 1 Choosing a Preschool Summary