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Chores & Allowance

Chores & Allowance
November 18, 2015 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Chores & Allowance
Do you want your child to have household jobs but it always seems to fall to the wayside? Aren’t sure when to start, which jobs or how much to pay or whether or not to pay at all? This workshops covers appropriate chores by age, paying versus not paying your child for jobs, some solutions for dealing with battles over chores as well as ways to keep chores part of the family expectations. Full Class Time: 13min 
Module 1Overview
Overview of the chores and allowance
Unit 1Chores & Allowance Overview
Module 2Chores
Discussion of the different ways to implement allowance along with a list of jobs for different age groups
Unit 1Current Debate about Chores & Allowance
Unit 2Jobs by Age
Module 3Allowance
Recommendations for pay structure based on age, as well as tips on motivating kids to do jobs without battles.
Unit 1Jobs & Pay by Age
Unit 2Tips
Module 4Summary
Summary of important points covered in the class on chores and allowance
Unit 1Chores & Allowance Summary