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Communication Tools

Communication Tools
November 19, 2015 yourvillage

Communication Tools
These communication tools get right to the crux of excellent parenting! While not always easy, parents who increase the use of these tools will find they have much more respect and cooperation from their children and will maintain more influence and connection throughout childhood and beyond. Full Class Time: 15min 
Module 1 Introduction
Introduction to communication tools as a way to share feelings and teach lessons in discipline, as well as the many benefits
Unit 1 Communication Tools Introduction
Module 2 The 4 Communication Tools
The steps and ways to use the 4 different communication tools separately, as well as together.
Unit 1 Active Listening
Unit 2 Empathy
Unit 3 I-Statements
Unit 4 Coaching
Unit 5 Putting it All Together
Module 3 Summary
Summary of the important points covered in the communication tools class
Unit 1 Communication Tools Summary