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Co-Parenting Part I: Before the Divorce

Co-Parenting Part I: Before the Divorce
August 26, 2020 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Co-Parenting Part I: Before the Divorce
The stronger a foundation you can set for yourself, and hopefully between co-parents, even before you start to make any agreements or fill in the first piece of paperwork, the better the separation process will go. It also covers how to work with a spouse who is being uncooperative. This class covers the many steps to separating emotionally, general guidelines in separating emotionally and guidelines for working with a partner stuck in high conflict. Full Class Time: 1hr 16min
Module 1Introduction

An introduction to separation and divorce and these first steps of separating emotionally to create the healthiest foundation you can as co-parents. Even if one parent isn’t interested, knowing and doing these steps yourself is setting up as solid a foundation as you can for yourself and your kids.

Unit 1Co-Parenting Part I: Before the Divorce Introduction
Module 2Steps to Working Through the Emotional Process

This section covers the important steps to building your support network and coming to acceptance during the divorce process. It also covers your parenting partner in regards to appreciation of similarities, accepting differences, allowing their journey, dealing with a partner stuck in denial & dealing with a high conflict partner.

Unit 1Building Your Support Network
Unit 2Coming to Acceptance
Unit 3Your Parenting Partner
Module 3Summary

Summary information of other recommended classes and summary of everything covered.

Unit 1Co-Parenting Part I: Before the Divorce Summary