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Co-Parenting Part II: The Divorce Process

Co-Parenting Part II: The Divorce Process
September 2, 2020 Erin Royer-Asrilant

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Co-Parenting Part II: The Divorce Process

This class gets into general guidelines and tips, plus the step-by-step guide to navigating the divorce process for your individual family for a much smoother process & staying as child centered as possible including dividing assets, living arrangements, custody, child support, legal aspects & paperwork and telling the kids. Full Class Time: 1hr 3min

Module 1Introduction

This section covers general tips for a smoother process and stronger foundation for coming to agreements and working together as co-parents for financial management, asset division and co-parenting.

Unit 1Co-Parenting Part II: The Divorce Process Introduction
Module 2Agreements

There are many agreements divorcing couples need to come to. This section covers things to consider, things you’ll want to know and lots of options on ways to come to agreements that are both traditional and non-traditional options for: dividing assets, living arrangements, custody & child support.

Unit 1Agreements
Module 3Legal Aspects & Paperwork

There are many options outside the traditional two divorce attorney approach. These other options also save a lot of money and allow for asset preservation for your family. These options and pertinent information about each are covered in this section.

Unit 1Legal Aspects & Paperwork
Module 4Telling the Kids & Summary

Telling the kids is often the most difficult part. This section covers general tips for sharing the news and supporting your kids in the most loving way possible, how to share the news and support your child based on your child’s age, planning the conversation and step-by-step guide to building your script. Lastly the related classes and summary are covered.

Unit 1Telling the Kids & Summary