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Discipline Tools for Teens

Discipline Tools for Teens
August 3, 2020 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Discipline Tools for Teens
Parenting teens is very different than parenting younger children. As they reach towards adulthood there will be a shift in discipline starting around age 10-12. Be ready to make this shift and help your teen become responsible, successful and happy as they approach adulthood. This class covers characteristics of teen behavior, 4 discipline tools for teens, 10 common issues in parenting adolescents and tips for success and getting back on track when there is a problem, and teaching life skills. Full Class Time: 1hr 4min
Module 1Introduction
An introduction to discipline with teens and how this will shift in these years, general information on the characteristics of teen behavior and a review of parenting styles and outcomes as they relate particularly to parenting during adolescence.
Unit 1Discipline Tools for Teens Introduction
Module 24 Discipline Tools for Teens
There are 4 discipline tools that work particularly well with teens. I discuss these and guidance and tips on how to use each when parenting an adolescent.
Unit 14 Discipline Tools for Teens
Module 3Empowering Teens
Teens are on their way to becoming adults so it’s important to empower them. But what does it mean to empower a teen? Learn the general guidelines for do’s and don’ts when it comes to empowering your teen.
Unit 1Empowering Teens
Module 410 Common Issues in Parenting Teens
I cover the 10 common issues and tips for dealing with each to set you up for success and to support them in fixing any trouble areas: cars & driving, curfews, clothes, hair, piercings & tattoos, friends & peers, money & chores, bedrooms, school & homework, electronics, outings & activities and dating & sex.
Unit 110 Common Issues in Parenting Teens: Part I
Unit 210 Common Issues in Parenting Teens: Part II
Module 5Teaching Life Skills & Summary
Teens need to leave home ready to manage a lot of their own life functions. Learn how to get them fully ready. Also covered, related classes and class summary.
Unit 1Teaching Life Skills & Summary