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November 19, 2015 yourvillage

Did you know that using these techniques can increase tantrums over the long term? Learn other tools to use in their place as well as the few instances when this tool may be the exact one you need. Full Class Time: 11min 
Module 1 Overview
An introduction to distraction & redirection, including what they and how they are normally used
Unit 1 Distraction/Redirection Overview
Module 2 Negatives
The negative effects of using distraction and redirection in discipline, that you probably had no idea about!
Unit 1 Negatives
Module 3 Alternatives
A great list of alternative discipline tools to use in place of distraction & redirection that have more positive long term effects
Unit 1 Alternatives
Module 4 When to Use
There are a few instances when distraction and/or redirection may be the best tool of choice
Unit 1 When to Use
Module 5 Summary
Summary of important points covered in the distraction/redirection class
Unit 1 Distraction/Redirection Summary