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Getting Kids to Listen

Getting Kids to Listen
November 20, 2015 yourvillage

Getting Kids to Listen
Are your kids outright ignoring you? So infuriating! Many times parents practice certain behaviors that actually work against them and teach their kids to ignore them! If you want to learn the ways to communicate with your kids so they cooperate and follow through, then this the perfect class! Full Class Time: 20min 
Module 1 Overview
An overview of the different ways and reasons kids don't listen and how they will each be addressed
Unit 1 Getting Kids to Listen Overview
Module 2 Discipline Tools for Increasing Listening
Learn about the tools to increase listening and cooperation overall, tools to use in the moment when to get your child to follow through as well as dealing with being ignored, whether it's due to refusal or a distraction
Unit 1 General Tools
Unit 2 Tools for in the Moment
Unit 3 Dealing with Being Ignored
Module 3 Building Kids' Listening Skills
Listening is an important life skill for success. Great leaders are great listeners. So it's important to have some tools and ideas for helping kids build listening skills in general.
Unit 1 Building Kids' Listening Skills
Module 4 Summary
Summary the important points covered in the Getting Kids to Listen class
Unit 1 Getting Kids to Listen Summary