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Honesty & Respect

Honesty & Respect
March 9, 2017 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Honesty & Respect
Tired of disrespectful attitudes and behavior? Would you like your kids to be more polite and respectful? Not sure how to handle lying? You can learn about all of this including lots of ways to teach kids how to be respectful, the development of honesty by age and how to handle lying, and when and how to introduce manners by age. Full Class Time: 44min
Module 1Introduction
In this introduction, find out the important topics that will be covered in the class, Honesty & Respect.
Unit 1Honesty & Respect Introduction
Module 2Honesty
In this section, Erin shares tips on how to teach your kids about being honest and how to deal with their lying.
Unit 1Honesty
Unit 2Ways to Support Honesty
Module 3Respect
Erin shares different ways to coach and teach your kids about respect.
Unit 1Respect
Module 4Manners
In this section, you will learn at what age you should expect your child to start using manners and how to enforce them.
Unit 1Manners
Module 5Summary
This section covers a summary of the important information that was covered, along with the related classes that you may find of interest for more in depth information on related topics.
Unit 1Honesty & Respect Summary