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Intro to Discipline

Intro to Discipline
November 24, 2015 Erin Royer-Asrilant

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Intro to Discipline
What is discipline? What should be the goals of discipline? This important workshop answers these basic but fundamental questions as well as how the way we discipline effects our kids self-esteem, cooperation, problem-solving skills, self-discipline and more. This is an essential course to gain a deeper understanding of what does and does not work in discipline and why. Full Class Time: 29min 
Module 1Overview
Overview of Intro to Discipline class including the goals of discipline and our discipline philosophy
Unit 1Intro to Discipline Overview
Module 2Factors Affecting Discipline
Learn about the 4 different factors that affect the way parents discipline. These are important to know and keep in mind in order be our best in discipline exchanges.
Unit 1Factors Affecting Discipline
Module 3Parenting Styles
Learn about the 4 different parenting styles as well as what research shows about the vastly different outcomes for kids raised with different styles.
Unit 1Authoritarian
Unit 2Permissive
Unit 3Disengaged
Unit 4Democratic
Module 4Positive Discipline
Learn about the tenets of positive discipline and all of the benefits for your child's development that come from parenting with this mindset.
Unit 1Positive Discipline
Module 5Tips
Get some great tips about discipline in general that will be helpful as you move forward into this new paradigm for your family
Unit 1Tips
Module 6Key Terms
Some basic key terms from the fields of child development and psychology that are important to understand when dealing with kids and discipline
Unit 1Key Terms
Module 7Summary
Summary of the important points covered in the Intro to Discipline class
Unit 1Intro to Discipline Summary