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Kids & Media: Ages 11+

Kids & Media: Ages 11+
April 22, 2019 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Kids & Media: Ages 11+
As our kids reach tween and teen years, media becomes even more pervasive. Parents are often caught off guard by their children’s exposure to unwelcome materials. This class will give you all the tools to be ready and prevent unintended access, plus help you guide your child through this minefield including their digital reputation which can affect them very negatively in the areas of college admissions, jobs, scholarships and more. Full Class Time: 52min
Module 1Overview
Overview of Kids & Media: Ages 11+ class including statistics & effects of media.
Unit 1Introduction to Kids & Media: 11+ and Statistics on General Usage
Unit 2Positive & Negative Effects of Media on Kids 11+
Module 2Managing Media Consumption & Influence/Safety
Learn about the pediatrician recommended guidelines by age, how to manage technology access and battles & media influence around sexuality, drugs & drinking, social media & managing online safety & digital reputation.
Unit 1Guidelines by Age
Unit 2Technology Battles & Media Influence
Unit 3Managing Social Media & Other Online Behavior
Unit 4Managing Digital Reputation & Summary