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Kids & Media: Newborn-10

Kids & Media: Newborn-10
November 6, 2015 yourvillage

Kids & Media: Newborn-10
Wondering what effects media might be having on your child’s behavior, learning or physical health? Media is everywhere and it has a big influence on our children’s development, both positive and negative. This workshop covers what to know about these effects so you can set your house rules accordingly, as well as solutions for battles over media time and content. Full Class Time: 34min 
Module 1 Overview
Overview of kids and media including recent research findings.
Unit 1 Kids & Media Newborn-10 Overview
Module 2 Impacts of Media on Development
There are positive and negative impacts of media. The many ways media impacts children's development and understanding is covered. Knowing these impacts also helps parents make decisions and rules about they want media to be used in their home.
Unit 1 Cognitive/Language
Unit 2 Physical
Unit 3 Social Skills
Unit 4 Background TV
Unit 5 Bedroom TV
Unit 6 Other Effects
Unit 7 Positive Effects
Module 3 Marketing to Kids
Kids are impressionable. Knowing how companies market to kids helps parents be aware of marketing messages and how to minimize the effects.
Unit 1 Marketing to Kids
Module 4 Media Guidelines by Age
Recommended guidelines by age for different media, TV, tablets, as well as internet safety guidelines are covered.
Unit 1 Screentime
Unit 2 TV Viewing
Unit 3 Tablet
Unit 4 Internet Safety
Unit 5 Handling Battles over Media
Module 5 Summary
Summary of important points covered in the kids and media class.
Unit 1 Kids & Media Newborn-10 Summary