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Making Homework Work

Making Homework Work
November 18, 2015 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Making Homework Work
Is homework a battle in your house? Are you wondering how much is too much? This workshop cover these topics and more, like what to expect by grade, how to allow your child to take on the homework process over the years, how to teach good study habits and skills, how to know when your child is struggling and what to do, and how to deal with homework battles. Full Class Time: 27min 
Module 1Overview
An overview of homework including the purpose of homework and the current debate about homework
Unit 1Homework Overview
Module 2Homework by Grade
Learn about the amount of daily homework time you should expect, what learning should be taking place and what support parents should offer by grade, as well as how to shift the responsibility for homework and studying through the years.
Unit 1Time Guidelines by Grade
Unit 2Learning & Support
Unit 3Responsibility
Module 3Supporting Positive Homework Habits
Learn all the ways to support positive homework habits, how and where to setup a functional work area, materials and schedule, and much more.
Unit 1Supporting Positive Homework Habits
Module 4Dealing with a Child Struggling with Homework
What to help your child when he/she struggles with homework both at home and through the school to get back on track
Unit 1Dealing with a Child Struggling with Homework
Unit 2Working with Teachers
Module 5Ending Homework Battles
When your child puts up a struggle about doing homework, it's exhausting for everyone. Learn how to handle battles over homework.
Unit 1Ending Homework Battles
Module 6Summary
Summary of all the important points covered in the class on homework
Unit 1Homework Summary