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Misbehavior & Solutions

Misbehavior & Solutions
February 3, 2018 Erin Royer-Asrilant

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Misbehavior & Solutions
Children’s behavior can be both baffling and frustrating. But there are 7 common reasons why children misbehave. In this class you will learn about the different reasons, how to decode the reason behind the behavior to understand the reason, and lots of tools and techniques for dealing with each reason behind the misbehavior so you can eliminate it going forward.
Module 1Overview
An overview of common misbehaviors and their solutions, including quick fix tips to cover first before delving into a deeper meaning behind behavior they may not even be necessary.
Unit 1Misbehavior & Solutions Introduction
Module 2Attention-Seeking
The most common reason for misbehavior, learn how to shift your focus so you can minimize and eliminate negative attention seeking behavior, which saves both time and frustration.
Unit 1Attention-Seeking
Module 3Boredom
While kids do require attention, parents also do not exist to be a 24/7 form of entertainment. Learn how to step out of the “I’m bored” phenomenon and help your child become self-reliant problem-solvers instead.
Unit 1Boredom
Module 4Power-Seeking
There are several pushes for independence during childhood. If they are not met, it will lead to push back from children seeking to meet this developmental need. If thwarted too long, it can lead to laziness and entitlement. Learn how to parse out a need for independence versus a push that is unreasonable and address each of these confidently.
Unit 1Power-Seeking
Module 5Revenge
When children don’t feel heard or understood, they often misbehave due to wanting revenge. Learn how to pinpoint when behavior is due to this and how to deal with this and teach your child better ways of interacting.
Unit 1Revenge
Module 6Inadequacy
Everyone wants to belong and fit in. But when kids feel inadequate, they often misbehave to send a message to not expect much from them. Learn how to pinpoint this reason behind behavior and how to turn it around.
Unit 1Inadequacy
Module 7Lack of Information, Testing Inconsistencies & Poor Modeling
When kids lack experience or understanding, they will often unknowingly exhibit inappropriate behavior. Learn how to teach and support your child in expressing positive behaviors in these situations. When parents are inconsistent, kids will test these to when they can get away with something. It actually becomes a game. Learn how to figure out if this may be the reason behind behavior and how to fix it. Poor modeling can come from anywhere, peers, babysitters, relatives, older siblings and of course, parents. Learn to look for holes in the good modeling and minimize or eliminate those influences as much as possible.
Unit 1Lack of Information, Testing Inconsistencies & Poor Modeling
Module 8Summary
Learn the 4 steps to winning your child's cooperation and review the summary of all the common reasons for misbehavior and the handouts for the class.
Unit 14 Steps to Cooperation & Summary