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December 11, 2020 Erin Royer-Asrilant

online parenting classes

Overindulgence is a lot more than always buying that toy they have to have or allowing too many sweets. In this class, Erin covers what it is, all the different ways overindulgence can manifest today and the ways to keep it in check for raising happy, responsible, successful kids. Full Class Time: 31min
Module 1Overindulgence Introduction
An introduction to overindulgence, including what it is and common places it can stem from.
Unit 1Overindulgence Introduction
Module 2Ways to Overindulge
Erin covers all of the different ways parents can overindulge beyond too many toys or sweets.
Unit 1Ways to Overindulge
Module 3Keeping Indulgence in Check & Summary
This section covers all the ways to keep indulgence in check, including general recommendations, plus keeping in check in the three key areas research has found parents commonly overindulge.
Unit 1Keeping Indulgence in Check & Summary