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Parenting as a Couple

Parenting as a Couple
September 3, 2018 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Parenting as a Couple
Parenting has changed immensely over the past several decades, most notably, in how much more involved fathers have become in child rearing. However, this increase in parental involvement does tend to lead to more areas and room for disagreements. In this class you will learn about differences in parenting styles based on upbringing, common differences in male and female interactions with children starting as early as infancy, and the positives of different approaches to parenting. You will also learn ways to work together, come together, disagree fairly and when to step in and help versus when to walk away and let the other parent complete the discipline exchange. Full Class Time: 45min
Module 1Introduction

An introduction to parenting as a couple and how things have changed in recent generations.

Unit 1Parenting as a Couple Introduction
Unit 2General Guidelines
Module 2Techniques and Tools for Parenting Well as a Couple

Learn all the tips, tools and techniques for working well together as a couple, including appreciating differences, when to intervene, when and how to walk away and let the other parent stay in charge, and how to address disagreements in parenting.

Unit 1Techniques to Fighting Fair
Unit 2Benefits of Having Multiple Primary Caregivers
Unit 3How Parenting Styles Influence Parenting Together
Unit 4Coming Together
Module 3Summary

A summary of all of the topics covered in this class on Parenting as a Couple.

Unit 1Parenting as a Couple Summary