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Peaceful Parenting: Part 1

Peaceful Parenting: Part 1
November 19, 2015 yourvillage

Peaceful Parenting: Part 1
Do you find yourself yelling at your kids and then feeling guilty? Do you wish you could be a calmer, more patient parent? This is a common concern among modern day parents. In part 1, learn about the basics of calmer parenting and it’s importance, along with the first steps to becoming a more peaceful parent. Full Class Time: 23min 
Module 1 Overview
Overview of peaceful parenting, why it's important and ways to appropriately and safely express anger and frustration with your kids
Unit 1 What is Peaceful Parenting?
Unit 2 The Importance of Peaceful Parenting
Unit 3 Dealing with Anger
Module 2 Developing a Plan
Having a plan and knowing what to do during moments of chaos and frustration can greatly decrease reactionary responses.
Unit 1 Developing a Plan
Module 3 Areas of Self-Care
We often forget that we are a model for our children in pretty much every way, so it's not just OK but also important to take care of ourselves. Learn all the ways you can still take care of yourself, even as an over-scheduled parent, so you can be the best parent for your children.
Unit 1 Sleep
Unit 2 Nutrition
Unit 3 Exercise
Unit 4 Downtime
Unit 5 Stress
Unit 6 Support
Module 4 Summary
Summary of the important points covered in the Peaceful Parenting Part I class
Unit 1 Peaceful Parenting: Part 1 Summary