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Power Struggles

Power Struggles
November 6, 2015 Erin Royer-Asrilant

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Power Struggles
Power Struggles start early and go all the way through adolescence. Are you prepared? With the tools from this class, learn the traps to look for and how to stay out the struggle before you get sucked in. Full Class Time: 18min 
Module 1Overview
Overview of the class content including exactly what a power struggle is.
Unit 1Power Struggles Overview
Module 2Prevention Tools
A great list of tools for preventing power struggles
Unit 1Prevention Tools
Module 3Power Struggles Side Step
Power Struggles side step is a great tool for stepping out of the struggle when our child tries to engage in one.
Unit 1Power Struggles Side Step Introduction
Unit 2Steps
Unit 3Examples
Module 4Deflating The Struggle
Tools for deflating a struggle when your child just won't let it go.
Unit 1Deflating the Struggle
Module 5Summary
Summary of important points covered in the power struggles class
Unit 1Power Struggles Summary