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Raising Responsible Kids

Raising Responsible Kids
June 3, 2019 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Raising Responsible Kids
Responsibility is a keystone to success and happiness in life. Learn what responsibilities, starting in toddlerhood, you can expect for your child by age so that by the time they are ready to leave home, they will have full practice and understanding of all areas of their lives! This class covers not just the basics of hygiene and daily routines but when and how do you know you can leave your child home alone? When and how should they be responsible for their studying and homework processes? How do you teach your child to take responsibility for their choices and actions? It’s ALL in this class! Full Class Time: 52min
Module 1Introduction
An introduction to teaching our kids responsibility, the two types of responsibilities and the history of parenting as it relates to expectations around responsibilities by age.
Unit 1Raising Responsible Kids Introduction
Module 2Responsibility in Deed by Age

Learn the responsibilities for self-care, daily routines and life skills by age, when and how to start letting your child stay home alone, and how to progressively pass off the responsibility for homework, projects and study habits by grade level.

Unit 1Responsibility in Deed by Age
Module 3Responsibility in Action by Age & Summary

An area where many parents often struggle, learn how to teach your kids to take responsibility for their own choices and actions while you are still available to help them work through the sometimes tough consequences. Followed by the class summary including handouts and related classes.

Unit 1Responsibility in Action by Age & Summary