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Siblings without Rivalry

Siblings without Rivalry
November 24, 2015 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Siblings without Rivalry
Are you tired of the bickering and fighting in your house? Maybe you even have hopes that your children will grow up and become good friends. This is possible and you can have a big part in it! Learn about the difference between rivalry and fighting and how help your children build a strong foundation for friendship, along with pitfalls to avoid that can actually increase rivalry and competition among siblings. Full Class Time: 35min 
Module 1Overview
An overview of the material covered, including the difference between rivalry and fighting
Unit 1Siblings without Rivalry Overview
Module 2Welcoming A New Baby
Learn the steps and process of welcoming a new baby into the family that reduces the chance and incidences of sibling rivalry.
Unit 1Welcoming a New Baby
Module 3Fostering Positive Sibling Relationships
Learn lots of ways to encourage siblings to connect in positive ways and the things to avoid that can damage the relationship between siblings.
Unit 1Doing the Homework
Unit 2Day to Day Interactions
Unit 3Don'ts
Unit 4Teaching Relationship Skills
Module 4Dealing with Sibling Fights
When and how to step in and facilitate communication between siblings.
Unit 1Dealing with Sibling Fights
Module 5Final Tips
Some final tips for building positive sibling relationships
Unit 1Final Tips
Module 6Summary
Summary of the important point covered in the class on sibling rivalry
Unit 1Siblings without Rivalry Summary