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November 17, 2015 yourvillage

The Ultimate Guide to Relief

Tired of tantrums over every little thing? Learn the secrets to preventing tantrums, as well as how to handle these outbursts with confidence when they do happen, even in the most inopportune times and places! Full Class Time: 32min 
Module 1 Overview
An overview of what is covered in the class, along with important introductory information about tantrums, such as what they are and why they happen.
Unit 1 What is a Tantrum?
Unit 2 Why Tantrums
Unit 3 The 2 Types of Tantrums
Module 2 Goals in Managing Tantrums
Knowing the short and long term goals in working to manage tantrums can really help parents focus during those chaotic times.
Unit 1 Goals in Tantrum Management
Module 3 Managing Tantrums in the Short Term
Short term means during and directly following an outburst. These tools teach how to deal with tantrums with confidence, no matter how inopportune the time or place may seem. Learning these tools, not only gives parents the tools they need but also helps their child calm down sooner, and learn better ways of behaving over the long term.
Unit 1 Tantrum Prevention
Unit 2 Handling Tantrums During and After
Module 4 Reducing Tantrums in the Long Term
In addition to using the tools for the short term, these tools help parents teach their young children ways to express themselves more appropriately. So that over the long term children are having fewer tantrums.
Unit 1 Reducing Tantrums in the Long Term
Module 5 Tantrum Related Behaviors & What to Do
Some behaviors look like tantrums but are not. Learn how to distinguish these different behaviors and how to handle them.
Unit 1 Tantrum Related Behavior & What to Do
Module 6 Handling Manipulative Tantrums
Manipulative tantrums can disappear quickly when you have the right tools.
Unit 1 How to Handle a Manipulative Tantrum
Module 7 Tantrums Summary
Summary of important points covered in the tantrums class.
Unit 1 Tantrums Summary