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Your Developing Preschooler

Your Developing Preschooler
February 26, 2019 yourvillage

Your Developing Preschooler
Are you curious about whether or not your child’s behavior and development are considered normal? Just curious and wanting to know what to expect? This class covers motor, cognitive, language, emotional, social, and sexual areas of development for kids 3-5 years old. This can facilitate deeper understanding which makes for smoother interactions and also enables parents to learn about what is normal versus what might be considered concerning. Full Class Time: 1hr 26min
Module 1 Introduction
An introduction to preschooler development and all the areas that are covered in this class.
Unit 1 Your Developing Preschooler Introduction
Module 2 Motor Development
Learn about the 8 categories of gross motor and 4 categories of fine motor development. Then learn about expected milestones by age, red flags to be aware of and ways to support your preschooler in all areas of development. Also learn about how boys and girls differ and how to support their differing needs for motor development.
Unit 1 Gross Motor Development
Unit 2 Fine Motor Development
Module 3 Cognitive Development
Learn about your preschooler's brain development, what concepts and skills he is learning and can grasp broken down by 6 month increments, any red flags to be aware of and lots of great ways to support her brain development throughout the preschool years.
Unit 1 Cognitive Development
Module 4 Language Development
Cognitive and language development are tightly intertwined. But this section breaks out language development specifically into expected language milestones by age, red flags to be aware of so you can get help early if needed, ways to support language development. This section also covers information on bilingualism, breaking down some myths and explains the benefits of bilingualism.
Unit 1 Language Development
Module 5 Social-Emotional Development
Social-emotional development is tightly intertwined. Emotional development is the precursor to social development. Learn about your preschoolers emotional development, and how to support this very important and often overlooked piece of early development. Teaching solid emotion skills sets a foundation towards successful social skills. Because preschoolers who fall behind socially can have a tough time upon entering elementary, be labeled as the "bad kid" and can have reverberating effects throughout childhood and life. Learn about expected milestones for social development, red flags and how to support social development and address any budding issues or concerns.
Unit 1 Emotional Development
Unit 2 Social Development
Module 6 Sexual Development
Although the bulk of sexual development does not occur until puberty, preschoolers begin to notice the difference between boys and girls, can be curious and have questions, so it is important to be prepared. Learn about this early stage of sexual development, any red flags so you can get them addressed and how to best handle teaching social norms around sexual expression.
Unit 1 Sexual Development
Module 7 Summary
A summary of all the ways to support healthy preschooler development and how to address any concerns.
Unit 1 Your Developing Preschooler Summary