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Self Care – Finding your Problem Areas

Self Care – Finding your Problem Areas
March 29, 2016 Erin Royer-Asrilant

The First Step to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

For more peaceful parenting tips, listen to our podcast episode Tips to Being a Peaceful Parent.

Life is stressful. Parenting is more stressful than ever. Modern parents are extremely busy. We want so much for our kids, not just to keep the laundry clean and relatively healthy food on the table but we want them to be and stay strong academically, we have them in sports, music, language, and other cultural activities. We want them to grow up and be happy, be nice, be successful, to not be slobs and on and on! We put so much pressure on ourselves to not screw up, to help them reach their potential all of that on top of taking care of our own lives, whether we work or stay home, we get sick, we have a bad night’s sleep, bills to pay, households to run, businesses and/or bosses. It can all get overwhelming. All of this can lead to parents who are exhausted and over-stressed which leads to less patience and shorter tempers.

So if you want to have more patience with your kids, if you want to stop yelling at your kids (or do it a whole heck of a lot less!) you have to start by taking care of yourself. We can’t and don’t have anything to give if we are running on empty ourselves. We need to do this, not just to have the energy to take care of our families but also to set a good example for our kids. Sometimes parents just need the permission to do that. So I giving you that permission right now. Actually, I’m not just giving permission. I’m insisting. I’m insisting that you put yourself as a priority, that you take some time to rejuvenate for your health and that of your family!

There are six key areas of taking care of yourself that I cover in the Peaceful Parenting Part I class. Here is the quiz/questionnaire that I offer during that class to allow parents to take an inventory of how they are doing in each of these 6 key areas. Then they can choose which area(s) they want to start working on. Besides, quizzes are fun AND relaxing!

For more ideas on ways to keep your cool during stressful parenting moments, see Peaceful Parenting Part II, or the podcast episode on peaceful parenting on iTunes or Stitcher (Android).