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Modern Parenting

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  • Siblings without Rivalry

    Are you tired of the bickering and fighting in your house? Maybe you even have hopes that your children will grow up and become good friends. This is possible and you can have a big part in it! Learn about the difference between rivalry and fighting and how help your children build a strong foundation for friendship, along with pitfalls to avoid that can actually increase rivalry and competition among siblings.

  • Summer Safety

    Are you curious about whether or not your child’s behavior and development are considered normal? Just curious and wanting to know what to expect? This class covers motor, cognitive, language, emotional, social, and sexual areas of development for kids ages 12-36 months. This can facilitate deeper understanding which makes for smoother interactions and also enables parents to learn about what is normal versus what might be considered concerning.

  • Teaching a Growth Mindset

    There are many benefits to a growth mindset: higher motivation; enhanced brain development; lower stress, anxiety and depression; better relationships; and higher performance levels. But research shows a growth mindset must be taught, it is not learned through modeling. This class teaches you about growth mindset and how to help your child develop this outlook.

Because kids don’t come with instruction manuals...

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