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Newsletter – Your Developing Toddler

Some Expected Milestones


Gross Motor

12-18 Months:

  • Start walking independently
  • Throw underhand while sitting

18 Months – 2 Years:

  • Walk up and down the stairs while holding your hand
  • Run fairly well
  • Jump with feet together, clearing the floor & more..
Fine Motor

12-18 Months:

  • Point to pictures in books
  • Build a tower using 2 blocks & more…

2-3 Years:

  • Draw straight lines and circles
  • Turn single pages in a book & more…



12-18 Months:

  • Know some of their body parts
  • Understand & obey 2-3 simple instructions (“Go get your shoes. Bring them to me.”) & more…

Boys & Girls Differ

  • Boys tend to have earlier milestones in gross motor skills: crawling, walking, kicking a ball, eye-hand coordination
  • Girls tend to hit their fine motor skill milestones earlier than boys, even up to a year earlier. They help with things like cutting, pencil grip and manipulating small toys.
  • Girls also tend to have their earlier language milestones than boys: first word, talking in 3 word phrases and full sentences


Support & Encourage Boys with:

Fine Motor Skill Play:

  • Playdoh
  • Stringing beads
  • Sewing cards

Language Development:

  • Don’t anticipate needs. Don’t hand him something because he is pointing to it. See if he can say it. “I’m not sure what you need. Can you tell me?” Don’t allow him to go to the point of frustration, but just give an opportunity for him to use his words.
  • If he uses something close, like “wa” for water, give positive feedback. “Oh, you want your water! You used your words!”


Support & Encourage Girls with:

Gross Motor Development:

  • Give opportunity for outdoor play daily: climbing, running, bikes, obstacles, tree climbing. Outdoor play is more likely to involve new, unique movements where she will test the boundaries of her physical capabilities.
  • Choose a preschool that includes lots of outdoor time


For a lot more information on toddler development in all areas: physical, cognitive, language, social, emotion and sexual; including expected milestones by age, red flags to watch for and ways to support development in all these areas, check out our new class, Your Developing Toddler.

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