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How to Set Up Parental Controls On iPad & iPhone

How to Set Up Parental Controls On iPad & iPhone
September 3, 2015 Ashley

How to Set Up Parental Controls On iPad & iPhone

For more tips on kids and media, listen to our podcast episode Media Guidelines by Age: How Much is Too Much?.

The internet is full of things you probably don’t want your child to see. Whether your child has stumbled across something already or you are just wanting to circumvent any issues ahead of time, iPads and iPhones have some pretty good restriction settings that are also easy to put in place. These instructions are for iOS8.

  1. Open the settings icon and choose general. Scroll down to restrictions. When you first go to set these up, you will see they are set to off. Slide to on to get in to setup.
    Child Proof iPad
  2. Choose Enable restrictions.
    Child Proof iPad
  3. You can then enter a passcode for you restrictions. The passcode can be different (but doesn’t have to be) than the your main passcode to unlock the iPad or iPhone.
    Child Proof iPad
  4. Choose the features you want restricted (green means it’s unrestricted and anyone can access those features) Child Proof iPad
  5. You can then choose the level of access you want for music, podcasts, itunes and media. To disallow access to explicit materials slide the button to the left. (As shown below)Child Proof iPad
  6. You can choose what ratings for movies you want to allow. Child Proof iPad
  7. You can do the same for TV.Child Proof iPad
  8. For iPad only, you can also set restrictions on books (only because books aren’t available on iPhones!)Child Proof iPad
  9. AppsChild Proof iPad
  10. SiriChild Proof iPad
  11. Websites. You can simply limit adult content, only allow specific sites, add sites to not allow, or limit adult content and then add any other sites to the not allowed list.Child Proof iPad
  12. You can then set any restrictions on account changes.Child Proof iPad
  13. You can setup restrictions on gaming to disallow multiplayer games or adding friends on games.Child Proof iPad
  14. While not related to access to questionable or inappropriate content, it’s also important to consider a good protective cover for you iPad and iPhone. Let’s face it, these babies aren’t cheap! (not our kids, but they aren’t either, the devices!) So invest in a good cover. You will want one that, at minimum, covers the corners well. There are also ones that have padding all the way around, like a picture frame.  The more coverage the better! Also set rules about how and where the device can be used. In our house my kids can only use it on the dining room table or sitting back on the couch holding it on their laps. As soon as they try to get up and walk with it, it’s game over! Now mine are also 6, 4 and 4. So my rules are strict because of the carelessness that goes along with these ages. But then a lot of teens can be pretty careless too, so set rules accordingly!

For more on the affects of media on kids, ways to set boundaries around media and protect your kids, see our class Kids and Media: Newborn through 10. A class on Kids and Media ages 10 and Up will be added to the library soon.

Child Proof iPad


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