Parenting Resolutions – Family Organization


  • Get Mornings Under Control. Mornings tend to be chaotic times in busy families. Setting up expectations, following through and getting everyone into their routine is the key.
    • Do as much as you can the night before. Packing lunches, making sure shoes are by the door and having clothes picked out, will greatly reduce the morning work load.
    • Give each child age-appropriate responsibilities. Some 3 year olds, but by age 4 to 5 all kids can be responsible for getting themselves dressed. By 7, they are in charge of a majority of their routine, getting dressed, brushing teeth and getting downstairs. By 8, they can be responsible for packing their own bags with lunch and water bottle and should only need some help with breakfast. By 9, your child should be able to perform their entire routine, including getting their own breakfast but may need a little reminding.
    • Kids not listening? Instead of yelling across the house or room, go to your child. Get his/her attention and get eye contact. Tell your child what you expect and follow as they complete the task. Give positive feedback. Let your child know this is what you expect. Also letting your child know that when they take responsibility, it means less direction from mom and/or dad. He/she gets to show you how responsible he can be. After 3-5 days of this your child should regularly take
  • Get Help Where You Can. If life is so busy and you are stretching to get kids where they need to go, or need to be in two places at once, look to kids teammates, friends and neighborhood parents to trade with for school pickups, dropoffs and activities.
  • Problem Solve Areas of Struggle From homework, to meals, to toys, to a car that looks like a trash bin and beyond, whatever area of organization is a struggle, choose the most pressing one to focus on and make a plan.

For strategies in any of your areas of struggle See the class on family organization. If discipline needs improvement, we have over 20 classes in discipline alone, so you are sure to find the help you need to get your family running smoother!

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