Parenting Resolutions – Healthy Families


  • Be an Example of lifelong fitness. Exercise is for everyone, not just our kids. It’s what keeps us healthier, happier and vital later into life so we can enjoy all it has to offer including our children and granchildren. Let them see you going to your basketball league, watch you playing, or going out for bike ride, run,  yoga or whatever form of exercise you like.
  • Get Physical with Your Family. Family bike rides, hikes, shooting some hoops in the driveway, volleyball, badminton, kicking the soccer ball around. I like to have my kids ride their bikes along side while I run. There are so many options to sharing fitness as a family!
  • Make Sure Everyone is Getting Their Zzzzs! Sleep is an important part of physical and mental health and parents need the quiet time. If you aren’t sure how much sleep is enough or struggle with bedtime or nighttime issues, see our sleep classes, one for infants and one for toddlers and beyond.
  • No Short Order Cooking Allowed! It’s a surefire way to increase picky eating. If the message is, if you don’t like it, I’ll just make you something you want, they won’t really give new foods a chance. You get to decided what is offered, they get to decide if and how much to eat. If they don’t like it, that’s OK. They eat at the next meal. Once they understand the rule, they give food more of a chance. Yes, they may be a little hungry sometimes and that’s OK. But they also learn to be open to new foods and develop a much wider palette.
  • No Rewards for Eating Healthy. Rewarding healthy eating with less nutritious foods only drives deeper the dislike for the healthier foods and the belief that they are to be tolerated to get to the good stuff. It devalues the healthy food and increases desire for the less nutritious food. This just magnifies the problem even more. For lots of ideas on increasing kids interests in healthy eating, see our classes on healthy eating.


Tips for healthy eaters to start from the very beginning!

Healthy Eating

Preschoolers can get especially picky. This class helps you avoid the traps!


Sleep is important for physical, mental health and brain development! This class can get and keep you on track.