Parenting Resolutions – Peaceful Parenting


Peaceful parenting means the parent as inspiring leader and calming authority. I know it’s a tall order. It takes continual commitment and practice. But the rewards in children’s self-esteem, and cooperation are well worth it!

  • Give Permission to Take Care of Yourself. Parents tend to give and give until they break. Not only does it make it so hard to stay calm (which comes with it’s own set of issues for kids), it doesn’t teach our children a good example of self care, that it’s OK to say “no” sometimes.
  •  Set Realistic Expectations by keeping in mind that the parent-child relationship is a very close, intimate one. We have a lot invested in our children, a lot of hope and expectations. We are also very busy and can just get stressed. So emotions are going to run high at times. This is all normal.
  • Get Proactive, especially with repeat behaviors. Make a list of your child’s repeat behaviors/times of day that tend to get chaotic. Then make a list of ways to work on fixing those behaviors. If you aren’t sure, the classes on Power Struggles, or any of the positive discipline classes give lots of tools for working on these. Sometimes the fixes are simple, if you can put up a baby gate and solve your discipline problem, just put up the baby gate! Move getting dressed first (before breakfast) or Use a logical positive consequence of building in 10 minutes for buffer/play into the morning routine. If your child is ready quickly, they get to play, if not, you have that buffer to keep from stressing about running late.

For lots and lots of tips and tools on increasing calm in your home see the peaceful parenting classes. For tips for dealing with problem areas that lead to stress, like bedtimes, kids not listening, tantrums, power struggles and so much more, we have classes for just about any parenting struggle you can imagine!

Power Struggles

Any time your child pushes boundaries, learn how to prevent and deflate the struggles

Peaceful Parenting II

Want your evenings back? Choose from the 3 bedtime methods and lots of troubleshooting tips for smooth bedtimes!

Getting Kids to Listen

Kids not listening is common struggle. Get tools to be proactive in fixing it.