Parenting Resolutions – Raising Responsible Kids


One of the biggest jobs as parents is to raise kids who can make their own way in the world, to raise mature adults. There are a lot of pieces to this but one of those is just making sure that kids have practical life skills. For instance, 30% of college kids can’t even boil an egg. 52% can’t change a tire. By the time your child is in high-school, he or she should be able to do everything related to their own care, if they needed to. So teaching basic life skills and expectations starts at the earliest ages!

  • Set age-appropriate expectations for cooperation and self-care. Starting at age 3 your child can be expected to: help cleanup after himself- toys crafts & games, dress and undress self, and throw away trash from snacks. Ages 6-7: Mix, stir and cut with a dull knife, make a basic meal, such as a sandwich, help put groceries away, bathe/shower unsupervised, and match socks from clean laundry. For more on this see the podcast on raising responsible kids
  • Teach Money Management. Starting around age 5, your child should have some way to make money because when it comes to teaching kids about money and saving, it means they have to have some money to manage. So allowance is helpful in this regard. There are several ways to handle this. Some families have expected chores and you do them as part of the family. Others have chores you do as part of the family and others you do to earn money. For more on appropriate chores by age and different ways to handle allowance, scroll down to the class below.
  • Teach How to Manage Studying and Homework Process. The responsibility should be guided and taught throughout elementary school so that once your child is in junior high, he or she can, for the most part, manage the process on his/her own. K-1 grade, help your child understand and navigate the system, checking calendar, color coding materials, reminding child of due dates and nightly homework assignments. 2nd grade – slowly shift the responsibility throughout this school year so that by the end of 2nd grade, your student is equipped to be responsible for understanding when/how assignments are given, and materials needed. For more on this process and much more on navigating homework, including schedules and struggles, See the class on Homework just below.

Discipline Tools

Positive Discipline is the key to raising responsible kids. We have classes for toddlers, and elementary age too!

Chores & Allowance

Chores & allowance give kids responsibility and money management skills!


Learn how to teach your child responsibility through the homework process