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Discipline Header

  • Discipline Tools for Preschoolers

    Kids in these ages, 3-5, are learning to share both toys and their big emotions appropriately, along with more advanced problem-solving skills. Learn about tools you can use to guide your child in making good choices while also helping build these skills of sharing and problem-solving.

  • Discipline Tools for Teens

    Parenting teens is very different than parenting younger children. As they reach towards adulthood there will be a shift in discipline starting around age 10-12. Be ready to make this shift and help your teen become responsible, successful and happy as they approach adulthood. This class covers characteristics of teen behavior, 4 discipline tools for teens, 10 common issues in parenting adolescents and tips for success and getting back on track when there is a problem, and teaching life skills.

  • Discipline Tools For Toddlers

    Toddlers are both amazing and frustrating as they develop rapidly in many ways and assert their budding independence. If you are wondering what tools are good for using with your toddler, ages 1-3, we have them all put together here in one workshop. With so many tools to choose from, you can pick and choose what fits your child’s personality, your parenting style and unique situations.

  • Distraction/Redirection

    Did you know that using these techniques can increase tantrums over the long term? Learn other tools to use in their place as well as the few instances when this tool may be the exact one you need.

  • Family Meetings

    If you are looking for an opportunity increase cooperation, responsibility and accountability from your kids with an added bonus of teaching great life skills such as leadership, initiative, and problem-solving, then family meetings is the tool for you! Avoiding the pitfalls that can affect good outcomes are also covered.

Because kids don’t come with instruction manuals...

Get the exact solutions you need, when you need it
Access comprehensive videos, covering daily challenges from raising infants to teens. From behavioral issues like tantrums to milestones like potty training, each video quickly explains why kids do what they do, give proven tips for handling the issue now, and how to make positive changes that last.
  • "I recently discovered your classes and I am obsessed! I'm learning so much!"

  • "Your Village offers practical advice and tips that I am able to put to use right away and see real results. My kids are happier and so am I!"

    Jessica S.PhD
  • "Your Village is amazing! The potty training tools made potty training so smooth. Now I’m using the tips to wean the pacifier and I’m feeling confident. Thanks so much!"

    ElizabethMom of 2 Boys - 3 1/2 Years & 6 Months
  • "I watched the Listening workshop and learned several new strategies for helping my kids listen and keeping them on task--which helps me stop yelling! It was a great experience."

    Mindy B.PhD
  • "Already, this week is going much smoother – I feel like I have a game plan and the few things I have already done have made a big difference. Thank you again!"

    Jennifer G.Mom of 3 Girls - Ages 7, 4, & 1
  • "These workshops are so helpful! I've learned so many things I never knew or even thought about before! Thank you Your Village!"

    MaryMom of 2 Girls - 3 Years & 9 Months