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  • Focus on the Positive

    Can you imagine increasing cooperation with some simple words of encouragement? Or getting compliance from your toddler just by changing a couple of words? This workshop shows you how to use these highly effective tools for increasing good behavior which also decreases negative behavior.

  • Getting Kids to Listen

    Are your kids outright ignoring you? So infuriating! Many times parents practice certain behaviors that actually work against them and teach their kids to ignore them! If you want to learn the ways to communicate with your kids so they cooperate and follow through, then this the perfect workshop!

  • Honesty & Respect

    Are you curious about whether or not your child’s behavior and development are considered normal? Just curious and wanting to know what to expect? This class covers motor, cognitive, language, emotional, social, and sexual areas of development for kids ages 12-36 months. This can facilitate deeper understanding which makes for smoother interactions and also enables parents to learn about what is normal versus what might be considered concerning.

  • Humor

    You don’t have to be a natural comedian (or comedienne) to connect with your kids through humor. Humor is a great way to de-escalate a potentially explosive situation. Learn the tools to connect with kids through humor and put some of the fun back into parenting.

  • Intro to Discipline

    What is positive discipline? What should be the goals of positive discipline? This important workshop answers these basic but fundamental questions as well as how the way we discipline affects our kids self-esteem, cooperation, problem-solving skills, self-discipline and more. This is an essential course to gain a deeper understanding of what does and does not work in discipline and why.

Because kids don’t come with instruction manuals...

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