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  • Special Time

    Special time is a magic tool! A little bit of investment can yield big returns. Be sure to learn the 4 pieces to making this tool effective, as well as the many ways of implementing special time even if you only have a few minutes. Best of all it is great for all ages, preschool through adolescence!

  • Tantrums

    Tired of temper tantrums over every little thing? Learn the secrets to preventing tantrums, as well as how to handle these outbursts with confidence when they do happen, even in the most inopportune times and places!

  • Whining: Ages 5 & Under

    Whining can be like nails on a chalkboard! Learn about avoiding “the whining trap” along with techniques for handling whining at these younger ages. Follow these steps consistently and whining can become a rare occurrence in your home.

  • Whining: Ages 6 & Over

    Yes, whining is annoying but when it comes from an older child, it can be so aggravating! Learn the techniques for handling whining in kids 6 and older. Follow these steps and whining will quickly disappear in your home.

Because kids don’t come with instruction manuals...

Get the exact solutions you need, when you need it
Access comprehensive videos, covering daily challenges from raising infants to teens. From behavioral issues like tantrums to milestones like potty training, each video quickly explains why kids do what they do, give proven tips for handling the issue now, and how to make positive changes that last.