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Raising Responsible & Independent Kids Part II

Raising Responsible & Independent Kids Part II
June 3, 2017 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Raising Responsible and Independent Kids Part II

If you prefer listening over reading:listen to podcast episode

In part I, I shared the history of parenting and how different parenting styles lead to different outcomes. I shared that in order to raise independent responsible kids that we need to adhere to a parenting style that affords our kids opportunities to grow into strong human beings that allows them to practice skills, in age appropriate ways, that will build as they reach closer to adulthood.

Now it’s time to learn the nuts and bolts, what skills to teach kids at certain ages so they will be ready to take of themselves and take on the world, once they leave home.

Skills to Teach by Age

Age 3

  • Help cleanup after himself- toys, crafts, games
  • Dress and undress self
  • Throw away trash from snacks

Age 4-5

  • Take dishes to the sink after a meal after asking to be excused
  • Putting dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Set the table
  • Choosing own clothes to wear

Ages 6-7

  • Mix, stir, and cut with a dull knife
  • Make a basic meal, such as a sandwich
  • Help put the groceries away
  • Bathe/shower unsupervised. Maybe a little help with shampoo/body wash
  • Match socks from clean laundry

Ages 8-9

  • Put dishes away from the dishwasher
  • Use basic household cleaners safely
  • Make his bed without assistance
  • Take care of personal hygiene without being told to do so
  • Use a broom and dustpan properly
  • Read a recipe and prepare a simple meal
  • Help create a grocery list
  • Count and make change
  • Answer the phone and take written phone messages
  • Help with simple lawn duties such as watering and weeding flower beds
  • Take out the trash
  • Wash dishes/load the dishwasher
  • How to save up for a bigger item they want to buy

To learn more about skills to teach for ages 10 and up and some other tips on raising responsible and independent kids, listen to this episode on our podcast.listen to podcast episode