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Toddler Parenting Classes

Toddler Parenting Classes
July 21, 2018 Erin Royer-Asrilant

Toddler Parenting Classes

Toddlerhood can be a very trying time for parents as their small child is rapidly developing in all areas. At the same time they are also experiencing a push for independence. But with limited skills that don’t always allow them to do everything they would like to on their own. This can be a big source of frustration for both parent and toddler! This is where toddler parenting classes can greatly help with tools, techniques and information for greater understanding.

At Your Village, we offer over 30 toddler parenting classes to help support parents through this exciting but trying time, as they are just getting started on their parenting journey. Toddlerhood is the best time to build a strong foundation for communication, connection and discipline. By discipline, we mean guiding, teaching and coaching, and connecting, NOT punishment! The patterns parents set up in these toddler years is what will carry them forward throughout their journey as parents. So it is extremely helpful and easier to set up good habits and patterns as early as possible. This leads to far less stress, more cooperation and better connection throughout childhood.

Your Village toddler parenting classes cover all areas of interests and concerns that face parents of toddler including:

Toddler Parenting Classes for Discipline Issues and Concerns

Tantrums  If you are tired of tantrums over every little thing, you can learn the secrets to preventing tantrums, as well as how to handle these outbursts with confidence when they do happen, even in the most inopportune times and places!

Power Struggles  Power Struggles start early and go all the way through adolescence. Are you prepared? With the tools from this class, learn the traps to look for and how to stay out the struggle before you get sucked in.

Getting Kids to Listen Are your kids outright ignoring you? So infuriating! Many times parents practice certain behaviors that actually work against them and teach their kids to ignore them! If you want to learn the ways to communicate with your kids so they cooperate and follow through, then this the perfect class!

Intro to Discipline What is discipline? What should be the goals of discipline? This important class answers these basic but fundamental questions. In addition, it teaches how the ways we discipline effects our kids self-esteem, cooperation, problem-solving skills, self-discipline and more. This is an essential course to gain a deeper understanding of what does and does not work in discipline and why.

Discipline Tools for Toddlers Toddlers are both amazing and frustrating as they develop rapidly in many ways and assert their budding independence. If you are wondering what tools are best for using with your toddler, ages 1-3, we have them all put together here in one class. With so many tools to choose from, you can pick and choose what fits your child’s personality, your parenting style and unique situations.

Toddler Parenting Classes for Development and Health

Bedtime, Nighttime and Naps If you find your evening and/or nights are no longer your own, this workshop is for you! Whether your toddler has been a good sleeper in the past or not, this workshop will cover dealing with general bedtime and nighttime issues as well as unique issues to toddlers, such as nightmares, night terrors, changing to a toddler bed and more.

Raising a Healthy Eater Have you heard the nightmare stories about toddlers who will only eat white foods? Are you determined to avoid those sneaky traps and raise kids who actually eat their fruits and vegetables? Helping kids get a taste for healthy foods starts in these earliest ages. Learn about the great ways to get your infant or toddler started with healthy habits during this very important window

Potty Training Potty training doesn’t have to be an anxiety provoking roller-coaster ride! Learn about the different signs of potty-training, not ready, pre-readiness, and true readiness along with what to do at each stage to increase interest and make the process as smooth as possible.

Self-Esteem Self-esteem begins to develop in the first year of life and is so important for success in all areas. Learn about the development of self-esteem in these early years and how to best support your young child’s developing self-esteem.

Separation Anxiety Leaving a young toddler who is crying and clingy can feel like torture. You know separation anxiety is normal but it doesn’t make it any easier. This workshop delves into the science of this behavior for a deeper understanding and also gives lots of solutions for making this transition as smooth as possible, as well as things to avoid that make it worse.

Your Developing Toddler Are you curious about whether or not your child’s behavior and development are considered normal? Just curious and wanting to know what to expect? This class covers motor, cognitive, language, emotional, social, and sexual areas of development for kids ages 12-36 months. This facilitates a deeper understanding of your toddler. In turn, interactions go much smoother and parents understand what is normal and behaviors warrant concern.

Educational Toys Do you want your kids to have toys that they will play with time and time again for longer periods AND that develop their minds and bodies? These are educational toys and kids play with them more and longer because they are fun and exciting. Gain access to our extended list of toys for different age groups – infants through teens.


  • what to look for that makes a toy educational
  • guidelines for toy safety
  • how to stay abreast of recalls
  • places to search out and buy educational toys


Your Child’s Unique Temperament What works well with one child, may not work well with another. This is largely due to each child’s unique personality traits, known as temperament. Learn about these traits and ways to help guide your unique child to thrive in their own way. This in turn will foster long-term success at home, school and beyond.

Toddler Parenting Classes for Modern Parenting Challenges

Kids and Media Wondering what effects media might be having on your child’s behavior, learning or physical health? Media is everywhere and it has a big influence on our children’s development, both positive and negative. This class covers what to know about these effects so you can set your house rules accordingly. Also learn solutions for battles over media time and content.

Peaceful Parenting Once you’ve learned about the basics of peaceful parenting and the first steps, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of how to find your calm in the midst of chaos, how to share your frustrations without going overboard, and learn the tools for dealing with those chaotic moments to move forward to a resolution or solution.

Summer Safety There is nothing more important than our children’s safety. Yet, every day children are at risk of injury and death from improperly fitted helmets and lack of water safety. Did you know that more children ages 5 to 14 are seen in emergency rooms for injuries related to biking than any other sport? While proper helmets usage can reduce the risk of severe brain injuries and death by 88 percent, most children do not wear them properly. This leaves them at grave risk for permanent injury and death. Drownings are the leading cause of death for young children ages 1 to 4. To learn how to protect children from these dangers, this class is a must-watch!

Birth Order Would you like to understand how birth order, both your children’s and your own can affect you and your children’s personalities and how they experience the world? In this fascinating class, you will learn what pitfalls to avoid and how to support children in each category of birth order. In addition, learn all the variables that affect a child’s tendencies to express the typical patterns of their birth order.

Getting and Staying Organized as a Family Being organized as a family means a whole lot more than a cleaned out kitchen junk drawer and some extra rolls of toilet paper under the bathroom sink. There are morning routines, homework, extra-curricular activities, meals and so much more to balance. Learn all the areas of organization that help families run smoother and cut down on stress. This leads to happier parents and kids and more family time. It has the added bonus of teaching kids valuable life skills: scheduling, planning and organizing. Kids then take on more responsibility as they age.

toddler parenting classes