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Your Developing Infant

Must-have tips to support your infant’s development.


Toddler Sleep

One of our most popular – quiet evenings, smooth bedtimes & naptimes are yours with tips from this class.


Must-have tips for prevention & making tantrums shorter & less frequent

Power Struggles

Must-have tips to deflate struggles & gain cooperation

Erin Royer-Asrilant, MA

Host of Parenting Beyond Discipline Podcast

Mom of 3 & Child Development Expert

Erin earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in child development and family dynamics.

Success Stories

“Your classes have been truly life changing for our family! Thank you so much!”
Amy D.

“My daughter was struggling terribly with her self-esteem until I saw your class. The difference has been incredible! Thanks again for the amazing material.”
Liz T.

“I was struggling with my son going through major separation anxiety. But with the help from the class, it literally vanished almost overnight. It was a great relief and I now have a much happier little boy.”
Rachael L.










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