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What are Parenting Classes?

What are Parenting Classes?
July 11, 2018 Erin Royer-Asrilant

What are Parenting Classes?

Child and human development is both fascinating and complicated. Roll that together with the psychology of different personalities and parenting, raising a human from mostly helpless infant to a happy, productive, self-aware, successful young adult, is a monumental task!

Most people’s introduction to parenting classes begins while the baby/babies is/are still in utero. Many hospitals offer varies classes from birthing classes, teaching siblings about a new baby, classes about parenting twins and multiples, breastfeeding and basic infant care classes.

But after parents bring baby home they often find themselves enveloped in all kinds of new territory: dealing with colic, middle of the night wake-ups, opposing viewpoints from family, friends and even strangers on how they should handle any given situation. What equipment they should or shouldn’t use, when to start solids and what to start with, the list goes on and this is just the beginning. Soon toddlerhood brings lots of power struggles, tantrums, meltdowns, aggression like grabbing and throwing toys. Do you teach a toddler to share or not and if so how and when?

This is where parenting classes come in. Many communities offer parenting classes covering topics from infancy to adolescents. There are also parenting books for those who prefer to read (and can find the time!)

Parenting classes help parents understand their children’s developmental stages much better. They also give parents knowledge to support, coach and teach their children in all areas of life so they can grow up to be the person they are meant to be. Parenting classes help parents with tools and techniques that reduce frustration and stress, and increase connection and understanding.

What are Parenting Classes on Your Village and How are They Different?

Parents are busy, extremely busy. Finding time to read a book is tough for most of us. In-person parenting classes are usually not kid friendly, and tend to take place, very inconveniently during the dinner/homework hours. Even that depends on waiting for just the class you want to be available on the schedule. So parents have to find a sitter, get to class and attend during the evenings and focus for 2 hours at the end of the day when they are already exhausted.

So I decided to offer parenting classes online. Parents can find the exact topic(s) they need and watch it in full or in sections anytime. Anywhere.

What are parenting classes? Parenting classes are a great way to get the answers and support you need for any struggle, challenge or question your parenting journey brings your way. But today’s busy parents need options that work with their lifestyle. Watch a class on tantrums on your lunch hour! Learn about how to eliminate power struggles during your daughter’s gymnastics class! Learn about building your child’s self-esteem from your couch after your kids are in bed! Or simply listen to classes while driving in the car!

what are parenting classes?

What are parenting classes and how can help you have a better relationship with your child?