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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Strong relationships are the key to raising amazing and happy kids. The ways in which we interact with our children, including in situation of discipline are paramount.

While the word discipline seems to have morphed into one with a negative connotation, the original meaning comes from the latin root ‘disciplina’ which means to teach and guide. Taken in this perspective, most exchanges with our children involve discipline in some form.

Goals of Discipline
  • Build mutual respect
  • Increase cooperation
  • Use and teach effective communication
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Give children tools to make good decisions
  • Teach children how to learn from poor choices
  • Support children in reaching their individual potential


  • Deserve respect
  • Deserve to be loved for who they are
  • Need opportunities to develop skills


  • Have more experience
  • Need to teach and guide
  • Have needs too

About Erin

Erin earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in child development and family dynamics. Through her work in Burbank schools and the Family Service Agency of Burbank, Erin helped children and their families overcome many struggles.

In addition to founding and managing Your Village, Erin works privately with local families, where she helps them resolve stressful parenting concerns such as negative child behavior, unproductive communication, and family organization issues.

Erin is a mom to 3 young children 6 and under: older brother Carter, and twins Taylor and Chandler. Erin is also an age-group athlete, training for various races from 1/2 Ironman triathlons to marathons.